(the world innovation at the ITEC 2004
This demountable mute which was made for
take-away inside the euphonium was created
at Prof. Wilfried Brandstötter’s (Professor for
tuba at the Anton Bruckner Privat University
Linz, tuba player of the Mnozil Brass)
suggestion and cooperation and fulfills all the
pretensions one needs for touring: With the
revolutionary construction of this mute it is
possible to put the upper part conversely into
the lower part. If inside the euphonium, the
mute can be smoothly transported – in one
piece and not jutting – in the case or bag. It
is easy to handle, tunes nicely and does not
need a lot of effort to play. Standard colour of the mute is white. If you wish you can order it in black for an additional charge.


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